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First of all, our NDIS short-term accommodation in Melbourne (STA) offers a top respite program. Moreover, your loved one will get care in a cozy and calm place. Additionally, it's the perfect home away for people with disabilities. Furthermore, they can enjoy a weekend or a few weeks of respite. Consequently, rest strengthens a family's ability to care for a loved one with a disability. Finally, it helps families stay together.

A Home Away from Home

Our NDIS short-term accommodation provides a "home away from home" for people with disabilities. Staying with us gives you the chance to meet new people, try new things, and recharge. STA means your family or caregivers can also have time to relax. It's a win-win for both.

Like respite, our short-term accommodation services offer chances to meet new people and try new fun things. Additionally, you could watch the latest movie, go out to eat, or even hang out on the beach. Moreover, you can visit a local site or play your favorite sport. No matter your age or likes, there is something for you to enjoy.


Find and Book NDIS Short-Term Accommodation in Melbourne

Caring Hearts often offers short-term accommodation in Melbourne(STA) and aid at our places. We take the time to talk to you and get to know you before you arrive. This helps ensure staying in a new place is not scary. You can also come and stay for a few days. And check if we are a good choice for your medium to long-term needs.

Our NDIS short-term accommodation in Melbourne (STA) has helped many live the life they want. Moreover, our caregivers treat clients like family. As a result, everyone in Melbourne relies on Caring Hearts for short-term accommodation and other services.


Cozy and Warm Places

You'll enjoy the feeling of being at home away in a coastal place. Our trained careers will aid you. You'll also have a choice of a full range of fun things (indoor and outdoor).

Short-Term accommodation in Melbourne (STA) allows adults with disabilities 2–14 days of respite from their usual home routine. Furthermore, they can stay in our cozy and warm places with two-bedroom options.


Our Main Aim

Like all our disability aid services, our NDIS short-term accommodation in Melbourne (STA) focuses on active, person-centred aid. We help you achieve the goals you set for yourself at home, at work, and in daily life.

We will work with you to grow freedom, make friends, and join community fun. You can also take a break from your known home with aid. It would help if you decided how we can help your goal while staying in our NDIS short term accommodation.


Goals We Help Achieve

We work with you on reaching goals such as:
  • Growing self-care habits
  • Planning, shopping, and making meals
  • Picking and going to social events
  • Staying away from your family or usual caregivers

Access Our NDIS short-term Accommodation Service in Melbourne

First of all, people with disabilities have the right to choose with whom, where, and how they live. Additionally, at Caring Hearts, we help ensure you live in a safe and helpful place that meets your needs. Moreover, short-term accommodation (STA) includes short-term accommodation in Melbourne, giving short-term housing and aid. In these cases, funding from the NDIS for short-term housing can help. We can assist you when looking at short-term stay options or seeking okay.

Our short-term accommodation and respite service gives people with disabilities the chance to take a break from their daily routines. Disability stay also gives caregivers the chance to move. While trained disability experts care for their loved ones in a safe place.


NDIS Personalized Assistance and Tours

First of all, our caregivers are happy to discuss how our short-term accommodation might suit your needs. Additionally, we can arrange a tour of the place and, moreover, a meeting with our staff to discuss all your needs and goals for achieving them with our disability stays.
Call our team at  1800 844 995, ask through our online form, or email us to learn more.

Know more about "Am I eligible?Applying to access the NDIS
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NDIS short-term accommodation (STA) is a type of aid that provides a short stay for NDIS people with a disability. Moreover, this service offers people the chance to live away from their usual place for a short time while still receiving the necessary support and care to meet their needs. Additionally, STA can be great for short respite stays, transitional aid, or crisis assistance. Furthermore, STA providers are registered with the NDIS and offer a range of stay options to suit the likes and needs of each person.

NDIS Short-term Accommodation or Respite Rule

Benefits of NDIS Short-Term Accommodation in Melbourne

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a government program in Australia that gives aid and help to people with disabilities, their families, and careers. Additionally, the NDIS offers short-term accommodation as one of its aids. People can use it for various reasons, including:
  • Respite care: Giving respite care to people with disabilities and their carers. This gives carers a break from their care duties and allows the disabled person to have fun and meet others.
  • Crisis stay: Giving a short place for people with disabilities in crisis times. Such as nature chaos or other unseen events.
  • Stay for Change: Helping people with disabilities move to new living places. Such as moving into a helped living place or their own home.
  • Stay for Treat: Giving a place for people with disabilities to stay while getting rehab or surgery treatment.
Overall, short term accommodation can give many benefits for people with disabilities and their families. It allows access to quality services, respite, and aid during transitions or crises.

Why you'll love staying with us

NDIS travel and transport Melbourne Werribee Tarneit Point Cook Williams Landing Short term accommodation

Free travel

We offer free transport to and from events and activities during your stay with us.
NDIS supported independent living complex care Melbourne

High-intensity care

Our professional carers arrange all your needs for short-term accommodation.
NDIS short term accommodation Melbourne Tarneit Williams Landing Werribee home cooked meals

Home-cooked meals

Nutritious, tasty and served with love.

Our modern and comfortable properties are located across the western suburbs of Melbourne.

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