Caring Hearts Charter of Rights for Participants

NDIS services including personal and home care services, short-term accommodation and community participation

As a Participant with Caring Hearts I can expect:

  • The quality of service to be of high standard.
  • Services to be delivered to meet NDIS and Quality safeguard commission Standards.
  • To receive a service that caters for my individual needs and gives me opportunity to engage in age and culturally appropriate activities that I enjoy to help in achieving my goals.
  • Prompt and efficient service by all Caring Hearts Staff.
  • To be able to be open and honest, to have a say and to be heard, and have no fear of retribution.
  • To be informed and updated about CARING HEARTS services, policies and procedures that relate to service delivery and my individual care plan.
  • The right to Privacy and Dignity; work with trained staff who uphold my privacy and dignity.
  • The right to be free from abuse, neglect, violence, injury; to be safe and feel safe.
  • The right to an Advocate; to advocate on my behalf if the need arises.
  • The right to the least restrictive alternative to be applied when behavioral issues are deemed to be harmful to myself or others.
  • As an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, to be able to feel strong in my own culture.