Development of Daily Living & Life Skills

Caring Hearts can help you work on goals to develop your confidence, independence, and daily life skills so that you can develop the most of your life.

We can assist you to live as autonomously as possible via the development of skills such as communication, problem-solving, daily activities, social, critical thinking, and many more.

Learn skills to face challenges in life through life skill training and disability skill growth. Developing life skills allows for the development of confidence and independence.

This can let you live a better life, with more of your requirements being met by you. Developing life abilities permit you to have the skill to process life’s challenges simply.

At Caring Hearts in Melbourne, we’d love to help you to build your independence and live a smooth life where your requirements are met.

We support building the confidence and independence of the client across a number of life skills, which include:
  • Assisting with personal hygiene like personal care, toileting, and showering.
  • Keeping your home clean, like doing the housework, laundering the clothes, and addressing problems of repairs and maintenance.
  • Assisting you in planning the journey and getting on the public transport.
  • Going shopping for grocery items as well as planning and preparing food each day that’s healthy.
  • Assisting you to join a group or club and offering tips to make new buddies.
  • Keep in touch with us as well as support networks.

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