Employment Melbourne

For a lot of people with disability, employment is so much more than just a job. It’s a golden opportunity to feel that you’re contributing and being productive to your community.

It can increase self-confidence and provide the income you want to live life the way you pick. Whether it is a job you are looking for a chance to build your skills, a Caring Hearts can help you find the ways that are right for you by offering tailored support based on your personal requirements as a job seeker.

We place you in the middle of every career planning and develop a plan that leads to the ultimate goal of successful employment.

We get to know you – not only your barriers but also your skills, strength, and interests. Our Employment Melbourne program offers individualized support to young people transitioning from high school into the workforce.

We listen carefully to your unique requirements, wants as well as aspirations to make truly person centered employment Melbourne. We support your independence and the development of crucial skills such as communication, confidence, money handling, time management, and travel.

Our NDIS Employment Melbourne helps people with disabilities find work and keep a job. Whether you’ve a disability, health condition, or injury, you might be able to obtain free assistance to prepare for a fine and keep your employment.

At Caring Hearts our Employment Melbourne projects support:
  • Trainees
  • School or college leavers 
  • Students 
  • Current employees 
  • Job Seekers